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Legal support for companies

Experience tells us that protecting the legal side of the business is necessary for a company to function properly and bring substantial profits. Even if at the early stages of the business it seems as if the support of a professional law firm may not be required, it quickly turns out that without such help some issues may be difficult to overcome.

Professional legal services for companies guarantee a sense of security. A lawyer oversees how business is conducted, which allows the company to avoid difficult situations that often lead to legal actions and immense stress, as well as financial consequences. For this reason, it is beneficial to work closely with a professional law firm from the very beginning of a company’s operations.

The key to success is choosing lawyers with expertise in the desired field. Only a counsel with experience in the scope of companies law is able to secure your interests. Linke Kulicki Law Firm has been supporting entrepreneurs for many years and companies law is one of our key areas of expertise.

Kancelaria Prawna Warszawa

Commercial Companies Law Warsaw

Effective legal advice for companies

The legal support we provide to companies is based on undertaking a range of key activities at different stages of growth. We offer support in the scope of setting up commercial law companies. We draw up the necessary agreements, including the so-called founders’ agreement, statutes and we take care of registering the company within the National Court Register. We provide counsel in the scope of selecting the most optimal legal form of operating a business. We also deal with all of the required paperwork to guarantee legal compliance.

We offer support in the process of mergers, acquisitions, and liquidations of companies. We carry out the required legal analysis of each individual case and we conduct legal consults. We indicate not only if the proposed changes are permissible by law but also financially beneficial. We draft all the necessary paperwork and carry out the required procedures from the beginning to the very end.

As a law firm which specializes in companies law, we also guarantee support in the scope of conducting the necessary assemblies and meetings of the company governing bodies. Our responsibilities include, among others, drafting the necessary documents and overseeing legal compliance of such events.

The scope of our activities includes conducting analyses within the field of companies law and providing relevant legal advice. We also carry out comprehensive legal audits and draw up detailed reports on the basis of the results. We precisely indicate what actions must be undertaken to secure the interests of the company and improve its legal standing.

Understanding the provisions of companies’ law and ensuring compliance of your operations with the current requirements of the legislators are not easy tasks. They become simpler with the help of a professional law firm. Choose to work with us if your want to get reliable support at each stage of your company’s growth. Our lawyers are experienced experts who have been gaining their knowledge of companies’ law for many years and possess the ability to use it effectively. Positive testimonies from our Clients confirm that we are worthy of your trust.


Legal services for companies - types of services

Company & corporate law

Every entrepreneur who runs a company sooner or later will need the support of a lawyer in the field of legal services. Running a company itself generates a lot of formal obligations that must be kept in mind. In fact, this legal assistance begins at the moment of the decision to establish a company.

If you run a general partnership, professional partnership, limited partnership, partnership limited by shares, limited liability company, joint-stock company or simple joint-stock company, this article is for you.

Legal services for companies is a very broad concept. Its scope includes all stages of the “life” of the company, through the establishment of the company, ongoing service to liquidation, restructuring or bankruptcy. So what exactly does this term mean? Below is a list of matters with which you can go to a attorney-at-law (legal advisor) or law firm. Of course, this is not a complete list, but it will give you an idea of what you can face.

Establishing a company:

  1. choosing the right type of company,
  2. advice on contributions to the company,
  3. preparation of draft articles of association or articles of association,
  4. registration of the company in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register,
  5. assistance in submitting the company to the Central Register of Beneficial Owners,
  6. assistance with opening a bank account,
  7. assistance in the process of obtaining a qualified electronic signature,
  8. assistance in contacts with offices, e.g. the Tax Office or the Social Insurance Institution.

Ongoing activities of the company:

  1. preparation of minutes of shareholders’ meetings,
  2. preparation of minutes of general meetings of shareholders,preparation of minutes from board meetings,
  3. preparation of minutes from supervisory board meetings,
  4. advice on increasing the share capital,
  5. corporate disputes between partners,
  6. preparation and implementation of employee option plans (ESOP),
  7. division of the company,
  8. mergers of companies,
  9. acquisitions of companies,
  10. transformation of companies,
  11. court representation in disputes,
  12. creating contracts with clients and employees,
  13. preparation of agreements between partners (founders agreement),
  14. debt recovery,
  15. protection of intellectual property,
  16. implementation of anti-money laundering procedures (AML/CFT),
  17. implementation of procedures related to the protection of personal data (GDPR),
  18. representation before public administration bodies.


  1. legal assistance in the liquidation of the company,
  2. legal assistance in conducting company bankruptcy proceedings,
  3. legal assistance in the restructuring of the company.



Our experienced team of Polish Attorneys and Lawyers
Attorney at law Jan Linke / Attorney at law Warsaw / Lawyer Warsaw / Linke Kulicki Law Firm
Jan Linke
Attorney-at-law | Partner

Partner, President of the Management Board. Attorney-at-law specialized in the broad scope of business law, with a particular interest in corporate governance. Between 2021 and 2021 associated with the Aviva Group, where he was responsible for providing legal counsel to Aviva Group and took a seat on the board of Aviva PTE. Within his engagement with Aviva, he was assigned to the legal M&A team based in London. Prior to Aviva, he was also employed within the legal department of Nationale Nederlanden. He holds a seat within the Professional Conduct Commission of the Warsaw Bar Association.

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Jan Linke
Piotr Kuźnicki

Attorney in Poland and the United States in the New York State. Expert in corporate law, M&A transactions and corporate disputes. He has broad experience in advising startups, VC and public companies. He is an Assistant Professor at the SWPS University where he lectures on corporate law, venture capital transactions and civil law. He published a book on “The Boundaries of Legal Personality of a Corporation” and is the author of numerous articles on corporate law published in reputable legal journals. He regularly is a speaker at legal conferences and conducts industry training. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw (summa cum laude) and UC Berkeley Law School (pro bono honors). He holds the Ph.D. in Legal Sciences from the University of Warsaw. He also studied at the University of Florida Levin College of Law and conducted research at Yale and UCLA universities.

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Jan Linke
Radosław Giler

Attorney at Linke Kulicki Law Firm. Completed attorney apprenticeship by the District Bar Association in Warsaw. Litigation lawyer in cases related to the broad scope of civil law, particularly commercial and inheritance law. Experienced in the field of real-estate development. He serves business entities and local governments. He utilizes his passion and knowledge of penal law mainly in fiscal offenses cases. His honesty, great communication skills, and individual, often unconventional approach to cases are much appreciated by his Clients.

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Polecam Kancelarię Linke Kulicki w sprawach doradztwa związanego z umowami IT. Kancelaria dysponuje specjalistami, którzy doskonale rozumieją specyfikę branży i są w stanie szybko opracować adekwatną strategię działania. Dodatkowo, w swoich rekomendacjach Kancelaria zachowuje wysoką dojrzałość, wchodzi w rolę mediatora oraz stara się znajdować rozwiązania zadowalające wszystkie strony, dzięki czemu tworzy szansę zakończenia negocjacji sukcesem.

Razem z Kancelarią Linke Kulicki tworzyliśmy wiele umów wdrożeniowych dla naszego software house’u. Zawsze profesjonalnie, z dbałością o szczegóły i komentarzem, co dane postanowienie oznacza. Cenimy ich proaktywną postawę, zrozumienie naszego biznesu i wzorcową komunikację.

Kancelaria Linke Kulicki posiada duże doświadczenie w praktycznych aspektach kontraktacji prac IT. Dzięki jego pomocy udało nam się wyjść z impasu negocjacyjnego dotyczącego praw własności, procedur odbioru prac oraz warunków utrzymania.

Kancelaria Linke Kulicki od dawna obsługuje CodeApps zarówno jeśli chodzi o przygotowanie umów, jak i wsparcie merytoryczne. Jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni z tej współpracy, która od początku przebiega bardzo profesjonalnie. Łukasz rozumie specyfikę naszej branży i jest dla nas dostępny zawsze, gdy go potrzebujemy.