Company taxes in Poland: What You’ll Pay in 2024

Running a business in Poland is inseparably connected with the obligation to pay taxes. The system of public and legal obligations in our country is quite complex, changes frequently and, in addition, individual taxes may overlap. What taxes are paid in Poland? Check out the most important information!


Liquidation of a Civil law partnership (Spółka cywilna) in Poland

A civil partnership is one of the forms of business that entrepreneurs can choose. Its name may be misleading, as a civil partnership is not a company under commercial law, but actually a civil law contract between shareholders. What happens when the shareholders forming a civil partnership decide to wind up the business. What does the liquidation of a civil law partnership look like, step by step, in Poland?


Small Payment Institution in Poland

The Small Payment Institution (PL: ,,Mała instytucja płatnicza”, ,,MIP”) has been operating in the Polish legal order since 2018. Its establishment allows for the provision of payment services to a limited extent and, for many entities, represents a very important transitional stage preceding the establishment of a National Payment Institution (NPI). What do you need to keep in mind if you are operating an MIP or considering setting one up?


Developing a Mobile App in Poland: Legal Considerations

The mobile app market is currently worth billions of dollars. It is therefore no surprise that software developers are racing to provide even more personalized products and services to the user. Software design, however, is not only the work of programmers, graphic designers and testers, but also lawyers. What aspects of the creative process should a developer keep in mind?


Incorporating a Video Game Studio in Poland: how to incorporate a GameDev business?

Every developer is aware that designing games – regardless of the target platform – requires assembling a team of experienced programmers, sound engineers and animation specialists. What is not always obvious, however, is that creating digital products also requires careful legal analysis and the creation of contracts that safeguard the producer’s interests. What should be kept in mind when setting up a gamedev studio?


Liquidation of a LLC – limited liability company in Poland

Liquidation of a limited liability company involves the termination of existence by the legal entity and its removal from the National Court Register. The course of the successive stages of extinguishment is determined by the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code. How does the liquidation of a limited liability company proceed step by step?


Liquidation of a General partnership in Poland

The unstable legal environment and numerous business challenges make many entrepreneurs decide to liquidate their business. We discuss step by step how the liquidation of a general partnership looks like and what to keep in mind so that the entire process is carried out as quickly and smoothly as possible.