Foundation in Poland: Can a Foundation Make Money?

Foundations, like associations, are entities belonging to the so-called NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organisations) sector. Their primary objective is to achieve socially useful goals. Can this legal form be used to make money, and if so, under what conditions?


Liquidation of a foundation in Poland: How do you liquidate a registered charity?

In Poland in 2022 there will be just over 100,000 non-profit organisations, although these statistics change quite significantly from year to year. When the activity of such an entity turns out to be unprofitable or loses its purposeful justification, its members should decide to liquidate the foundation. What does the liquidation of a foundation look like step by step?


Family foundation in Poland – a new institution in the polish legal order

The family foundation is a new solution in the Polish legal order regulated by the Law on Family Foundations of January 26, 2023. The goal of the legislator was that family businesses, as a result of the death of the founder, would not be fragmented in terms of assets and could continue to develop over many generations.