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The rapidly growing eCommerce industry requires businesses to follow trends in sales and consumer requirements. But these aren’t the only areas of which a manager of an online outlet should be aware. Legal matters are also crucial. There are numerous regulations in existence, and the legislators keep proposing new laws. How to effectively grow an eCommerce business while respecting the most current legal requirements? Legal services for online stores provided by an experienced law firm are a must. Only a good e-commerce lawyer can effectively secure your interests with consideration not only for the current legal regulations but also the development of your business.

Comprehensive legal services for e-business are one of the areas in which the Linke Kulicki Law Firm operates. We draft all sorts of documents required to run a successful online shop. We support entrepreneurs by conducting audits and providing counsel. By choosing to work with us you can be certain that we will offer you the optimal solutions and guarantee professional assistance.

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Legal services for online stores

The legal services we offer to e-businesses focus on a range of activities, depending on the requirements of the given Client. Our work includes the preparation of all required paperwork. We draft terms and conditions of use for online shops, SaaS, PaaS, DaaS, and Marketplaces.

Legal services for eCommerce also include drafting privacy policies and cookie file policies. We draw up documents in compliance with the regulations for processing and protection of personal data and adapted to the requirements of the assumed business model.

We conduct a detailed legal audit of an online store, sales platform, or the IT systems in use. We indicate any errors we find and suggest relevant solutions.

We prepare all sorts of contracts which apply to the e-commerce industry (dropshipping agreements, supply, and distribution contracts). Our lawyers also have experience in creating documentation suitable not only for the Polish but also for international markets. With our help, you can focus on developing your business, as we will take care of all legal issues and secure your interests accordingly.

We provide support to international businesses planning the expansion of their e-commerce business into the Polish market. Our Clients include individuals in need of assistance in the scope of consumer law. We provide legal counsel not only to businesses but also to private individuals.



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Attorney at law Lukasz Kulicki / Attorney at law Warsaw / Lawyer Warsaw / Linke Kulicki Law Firm
Łukasz Kulicki
Attorney-at-law | Partner

Attorney-at-law, Partner at Linke Kulicki Law Firm specializes in providing legal services to companies in the IT, new technology, and internet industries, as well as entities undergoing digital transformation. He is an expert in negotiating IT contracts, especially implementation agreements, agreements for the provision of IT services (including cloud-based services), and body-leasing contracts. He also provides counsel within the scope of personal data protection (GDPR), e-commerce, and intellectual property law. Member of the expert team for utilizing new technologies in commercial law within the Ministry of National Assets Owner Supervision Reform Commission. Analyst dealing with legal aspects of civil changes caused by the development of new technologies at the Security Research Center of the War Studies Academy.

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Attorney at law Jan Linke / Attorney at law Warsaw / Lawyer Warsaw / Linke Kulicki Law Firm
Jan Linke
Attorney-at-law | Partner

Partner, President of the Management Board. Attorney-at-law specialized in the broad scope of business law, with a particular interest in corporate governance. Between 2021 and 2021 associated with the Aviva Group, where he was responsible for providing legal counsel to Aviva Group and took a seat on the board of Aviva PTE. Within his engagement with Aviva, he was assigned to the legal M&A team based in London. Prior to Aviva, he was also employed within the legal department of Nationale Nederlanden. He holds a seat within the Professional Conduct Commission of the Warsaw Bar Association.

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Jan Linke
Marek Porzeżyński
Attorney-at-law | Partner

Doctor of Law, Attorney-at-law, Partner at Linke Kulicki Law Firm. Assistant Professor at the Department of Administration and Social Sciences of the Warsaw University of Technology. For the past decade, he has been providing counsel to Clients in the scope of intellectual property and new technology law. Lecturer of many public and private universities Promotor of knowledge in the field of intellectual property law. Keynote speaker at numerous technological conferences.

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Polecam Kancelarię Linke Kulicki w sprawach doradztwa związanego z umowami IT. Kancelaria dysponuje specjalistami, którzy doskonale rozumieją specyfikę branży i są w stanie szybko opracować adekwatną strategię działania. Dodatkowo, w swoich rekomendacjach Kancelaria zachowuje wysoką dojrzałość, wchodzi w rolę mediatora oraz stara się znajdować rozwiązania zadowalające wszystkie strony, dzięki czemu tworzy szansę zakończenia negocjacji sukcesem.

Razem z Kancelarią Linke Kulicki tworzyliśmy wiele umów wdrożeniowych dla naszego software house’u. Zawsze profesjonalnie, z dbałością o szczegóły i komentarzem, co dane postanowienie oznacza. Cenimy ich proaktywną postawę, zrozumienie naszego biznesu i wzorcową komunikację.

Kancelaria Linke Kulicki posiada duże doświadczenie w praktycznych aspektach kontraktacji prac IT. Dzięki jego pomocy udało nam się wyjść z impasu negocjacyjnego dotyczącego praw własności, procedur odbioru prac oraz warunków utrzymania.

Kancelaria Linke Kulicki od dawna obsługuje CodeApps zarówno jeśli chodzi o przygotowanie umów, jak i wsparcie merytoryczne. Jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni z tej współpracy, która od początku przebiega bardzo profesjonalnie. Łukasz rozumie specyfikę naszej branży i jest dla nas dostępny zawsze, gdy go potrzebujemy.