Private Equity – what are PE funds and how do they work?

Private Equity funds consist of medium- to long-term investment in the development of private companies not listed on public markets. Listed companies can be subject to Private Equity only exceptionally, and the operation then consists of delisting them from the stock market.


What is deep tech and how can it shape the near future?

Deep tech is a concept we hear about more and more often. Deep tech startups make up a relatively small percentage of startups in Poland, however, the sector is growing steadily, both in Poland and around the world. However, what is deep tech in itself? The term does not have a clear definition, but the easiest way to answer this question is to refer to the figure who first used the phrase deep tech.


Payment of salary in cryptocurrencies in Poland

Despite the fact that the moods related to the cryptocurrency market are shaky, and the market itself is subject to high volatility and uncertainty, more and more companies are considering introducing the possibility of paying remuneration in the form of cryptocurrencies. Is it possible to pay remuneration for services or work with cryptocurrencies?