Chat GPT in IT contracts with software developers

Recently, in almost every corner of the Internet, many people have been discussing the new product of Open AI. As the company points out, they trained a model called ChatGPT that interacts with users in a conversational way (in the form of a chat). The dialogue format allows ChatGPT to answer additional questions, admit mistakes, question false premises, reject inappropriate requests, etc. This product has been hailed as a revolution and a milestone in the development of artificial intelligence (AI).


Litigations in the IT industry from the contractor’s perspective

More and more often I encounter disputes in the IT industry. This shouldn’t be surprising. The ever-growing IT market must bring with it more and more court disputes. They usually concern issues related to the implementation of IT projects or contracts for the provision of IT services. Each court dispute is not only a time-consuming and costly matter, but also a risk of losing the reputation and trust of clients. In practice, every IT project raises a significant risk of litigation. In this article, we will provide best practices for IT contractors to prepare for a dispute.


Termination B2B agreements in the Polish IT Sector

Contracts are most often thought of in the context of their contents. However, it’s good to think about some kind of exit plan right away. It is worth taking care of how the contract can be terminated. Both parties usually find out about the defects of contract termination clauses too late, i.e. when they want to terminate such a contract. How to approach this topic so that, on the one hand, you can secure your interests well, but on the other hand, so that the contract is not too flexible.