Best practices for negotiating an agreement with a software house

In the realities of the third decade of the twenty-first century, the use of the services of an IT specialist is becoming an integral part of running almost any business. Each such cooperation should be based on a professionally prepared contract adapted to the provisions of law in force in a given country. In my article I describe what you should consider when negotiating an IT contract with a Polish entity and I indicate the most important provisions of such agreement.


Non-Compete Agreements in the IT sector

IT companies, due to the huge competition for every specialist on the market try to protect themselves in various ways already at the stage of negotiating the conditions and signing the contract. One of these ways are complex regulations on establishing a non-competition agreement. In my article I will describe, among other things, what a non-competition agreement is, what is considered as a competitive activity, how the non-competition agreement looks like in specific contracts, and how the issue of remuneration for inclusion in the non-competition agreement is regulated.


Copyright in an IT project in Polish law

Negotiating contracts in the IT sector requires comprehensive regulation of copyright. Although copyright regulations are similar in European Union countries, specific legal systems often contain significant differences. From my article you will learn about the protection of your proprietary copyrights in the Polish legal system, the differences between proprietary and moral copyrights and how you should protect yourself.